About Me

Summary of my research
“Neuroscience seems to have implications in a great many areas of Games Based Learning, two particular areas I’m looking at are:

  • The Neuroscience of Play – specifically the notion of play as a primal drive to develop emotional regulation and adaptability to novelty and ambiguity.
  • The Neuroscience of Storytelling – specifically the relationship between language and embodiment and what impact that has on how we understand and use stories.

Play and Story are the major components of computer games and my hope is that a better understanding of the neuroscientific underpinnings to these, could provide a better understanding of how computer games can be used for education.”

Brief background
I’m an unashamed lover of tech. who, with eight years experience in Outdoor Ed., a degree in Philosophy, a year and half running a community ICT charity, a masters in Intelligent Systems, and ultimately nine years as a learning technologist in HE, is about to embark on a PhD in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning.

Since I wired myself to the mains as a child, electricity has coursed through my veins. I’ve played with electronics and computers since at least the release of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and feel a deep connection and understanding to how tech works.

Luckily for me I might be a geek if it wasn’t for the fact that I have an equally deep love of the natural world and the philosophical world, which help to keep me grounded. I believe it is these two aspects of my character that give me an understanding of when technology can help, when it can hinder, when it is needed and when it just gets in the way of learning. I love my job, I love helping bridge the gaps in understanding people come to me with, and I look forward to shining more light on how technology can enhance learning.

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Aberdeen University
Old UoA staff page


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